Al-Jalil Developers is the most successful venture of Al-Jalil Group of companies. It was found 20 years back when real estate industry had just started getting prominence in industrial sector of Pakistan. Over the past two decades, Al-Jalil Developers has become a real estate giant, and a trend setter of the industry by delivering three massively successful & most innovative housing projects, Al-Jalil Garden Housing Scheme, Al-Noor Orchard Housing Scheme and Al-Baari Residencia.

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Al-Jalil Group of Companies is like a baby to me, and just like a baby’s growth fills parents with immense love, the same is my attachment with the organization. Today, as I write in the capacity of Chairman for Al-Jalil Group of Companies, I have the whole journey of the organization in my mind including all its ups and downs. I feel both humbled and proud at the moment when I see Al-Jalil Group of Companies in its present shape. The organization has become a conglomerate of companies whose portfolio goes far beyond transport and envelopes Real Estate.

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